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[ December 8th 2000 ]

Prior to this evenings premier of Paramount Pictures Tomb Raider trailer live from the official site, reports have flooded news desks around the globe claiming that portions of the commercial have already been seen. A five second preview on Channel 3 in Israel featured some acrobatic antics from Lara and a robot very much like that from Lost In Space. Other reports suggest that the UK's Big Breakfast on Channel Four will air a portion of the trailer, as well as Access Hollywood & E! News Daily

The most revealing screening to date was aired on Entertainment Tonight with host Mark Steins interviewing Angelina Jolie while extracts of the trailer were shown in the background. 56k 300k An clip showing the religious Temples of Angkor Wat was screened, and Mark Steins quizzed Angelina on how she found her filming in Cambodia.

"Very calm. You can't yell there at all. I've never loved a place so much. We were all yelling the first few days. My truck wasn't there. You couldn't get guns in there. "And then a few hours into it there is this scene with the monks. We all were blessed and after that we became the most relaxed film crew."

And when quizzed on playing the role of Lara Croft...

"I love being this character. I love meeting kids who have been to this set and they've given me the okay. There is something about her, she doesn't hate, she's not this strong woman that hates men. She just likes to have fun, she's open to everything. She's not a reluctant hero, she's not trapped in the danger. She's having fun, and she is a little crazy." I've had months to train and I learned so many different skills. At the beginning, I thought, "I don't want to be in this." The pressure.... Then after a while you learn how to sword fight, and I shot a shotgun and an automatic and the shells went down my shirt. I went home thinking, "I can't." Now, I can reload them, flip them.

Much has been talked about the awesome sets from the movie, on which Jolie said..

The people who built this set, it's just amazing. Every different thing comes alive. It's very much like the game, the puzzles in it. You walk in and something falls through something. And something comes together. If you look at one corner of this set, something will shift and become something else. This log up here, I actually have to get on it and have to surf it across and have to break through something. And Billy said I looked like I was riding a bull."

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