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[ April 3rd 2004 ]

UPN continues to entertain fans of the video-game sitcom Game Over with another hilarious movie bringing you closer to the stars of Prime Time's first ever CGI animated series. Delivered in glorious machinimation, download and experience what a normal day of work is like for Raquel Smashenburn - super-mom and ardent Tomb Raider wannabe - and live through every parents daunting dilemma... your offspring's coming of age.

In UPN's CGI-animated comedy Game Over, Rip Smashenburn is a racecar driver who rides daily in the Grand Prix and hopes one day to make it through a single race without blowing up. His beautiful wife, Raquel, juggles family responsibilities with her career as a gun-toting, monster-fighting government agent. Their son, Billy, is a hip-hop loving, trend-obsessed 13-year-old who couldn't be more different than his older sister, Alice - a 15-year-old trying to save the world one annoying way at a time.

Joining the Smashenburns is a supporting cast of Anime love interests, zombies, first-person shooters, elves, tomb raiders, soldiers and anything else that has ever appeared in a video game. Follow the hyperlink below to collect the spoils.

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