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[ March 23rd 2004 ]

Paramount's Kings Island has just acquired a Canadian counterpart with the announced launch of the first aerial rollercoaster based on the Lara Croft Tomb Raider motion pic. Paramount Canada's Wonderland bills the new Tomb Raider Ride as "the thrills of a rollercoaster while experiencing the sensation of flying." The attraction will debut beginning of the 2004 holiday season at Paramount Canada's Wonderland amusement park.

Hollywood descended on Paramount's Kinds Island amusement park in 2002 with the spectacular debut of Tomb Raider The Ride, based on video games by Eidos plc. and motion pictures starring Oscar winner Angelina Jolie. The original attraction won an outstanding achievement award in 2003 from the Themed Entertainment Association. Playing off scenes from the movie filmed in Cambodia and Iceland, Tomb Raider: The Ride features a turbulent fast-paced journey through an underground honeycomb and includes a near-clash in an ice cave and a head-first plunge toward a pit of red-hot lava.

For more information on Tomb Raider: The Ride including HQ media and exclusive footage, follow the hyperlink below to collect the spoils.

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