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[ March 22nd 2004 ]

Promising to take you deeper into the mind of Agent 47, Tomb Raider Chronicles has primed a third HQ movie direct via Eidos plc to herald the latest instalment of the best selling Hitman video-game franchise. This is the second part of The Psychology Of An Assassin featurette produced by IO Interactive. Shooter will release on PC, Sony Playstation 2 and Microsoft XBOX April 30 2004.

Hitman: Contracts delivers more action-packed and suspenseful missions, with a greater variety of ways to make the perfect hit and an increased arsenal of firearms and close-combat weapons. A new graphics engine showcases Hitman's 'work' in brutal detail and brings new locations to life. An improved control system and more gradual learning curve will ensure that the game is accessible to all aspiring hit men. Hitman: Contracts takes you into the mind of Agent 47, the most ruthlessly efficient contract killer in history.

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