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[ March 11th 2004 ]

Lara Croft's Land Rover from Tomb Raider and Austin Powers' Union Jack painted E type Jaguar will join British secret agent James Bond's Vanquish from Die Another Day in a display at the newly overhauled Coventry Transport Museum which opens its doors Monday 15 March 2004, reports Country Observer. Fresh from a 7.5 million renovation funded by the City Council, Coventry Transport Museum now sports an introductory gallery which explains the history of the cars that now reside there.

"Coventry was the birthplace of Britain's cycle and car industries and we have hundreds of cars, cycles and motor cycles in the museum," said Museum chairman Joe Elliott. "These exciting new developments have given us the opportunity to do justice to this fantastic heritage." The museum will open with an explosive pyrotechnic display and host performance driving displays from The Italian Job motion picture.

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