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[ March 10th 2004 ]

Prime Time's first ever CGI-animated series, Game Over, will debut on UPN this evening at 8PM. The groundbreaking comedy, set within the animated world of a video-game, follows the home life of the Smashenburn family: Rip (voiced by Patrick Warburton), Raquel (Lucy Liu), Alice (Rachel Dratch) and Billy (E.G. Daily). Lara Croft, the Tomb Raider herself, will make an anticipated guest appearance alongside Raquel to have a heroine heart-to-heart over an espresso.

"Game Over is the type of groundbreaking comedy that fits the UPN brand and will definitely appeal to our young adult audience." says producer David Goetsch. So who will speak for Lara? "We still have to figure (that) out. Part of that is up to (Tomb Raider publisher) Eidos plc, because they own the character." The Croft plot won't be in the initial six-episode run, but UPN has ordered six more scripts, one of which will include Croft.

Download Game Over in machinimation and experience what a normal day of work is like for Raquel Smashenburn. She's gotten the kids off to school and Rip down to the racetrack. All that remains is locating the alien monkey. Sound easy? Then why does she need a hypersonic disruptor? And once you've found the alien monkey, try making your own animation with the built in machina tools. Think you're funny? Follow the hyperlink below to download Game Over.

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