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[ March 2nd 2004 ]

I'm Marcus Trogen from Sweden, and have been active in terms of music production since 1995. I tend to be creative and very imaginative. I've been a fan of Tomb Raider for some time, and the idea to start releasing tunes on the next came as I was playing the games. At the time, the popular site "The Croft Times" had published the first fan made tune "Adventurer", by Nicolas Bellardie. If he can do it, I thought, then so can I. A few months later, I released my first tune "Dance Raider" to the Internet community. The tune became very popular among fans, and spawned a series of tunes; it gave me the spark to continue releasing more Tomb Raider related music. More recently, I also started releasing original tunes.

I am very flexible when it comes to music, and I create many different kinds of styles, such as pop, jazz, Middle Eastern influenced, movie style, whatever comes to mind at that point. I like to strive to be different each time, and my music has caught fans of different groups and age. It is a great joy to achieve artistically and creative things, as I put myself and my imagination to the test, and I feel like I'm expanding my horizons.

This tune was put together back in 2000, around the time when the movie "Gone in 60 seconds" (starring Nicholas Cage and Angelina Jolie) was about to hit the theatres. At the time, I had decided to do a piece based on Peter Connelly's music (who replaced Nathan McCree as composer for the Tomb Raider games), and this particular song was based on Peter's "Jeep thrill" theme, which you can hear in TR: Last Revelation while Lara is driving a jeep. (It is also played during end credits of the game.)

The news that Angelina was going to play Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider movie had been announced at the time, so that, and the jeep theme/car fact, gave me the idea for the title "Gone in less than 60 seconds". It was meant as a bit of a joke in that direction. It has taken time, but I have finally decided to release it. For this, exclusive promotional wallpaper has been designed by Vladimir Sterle of My thanks to Vladimir for his outstanding work, and for taking some time off his busy schedule to achieve it. The tune will be released on International Women's Day, Monday the 8th of March.

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