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[ February 29th 2004 ]

Legendary game designer Warren Spector has been tapped to lend a hand in producing the forthcoming Tomb Raider video game currently under development by U.S. based studio Crystal Dynamics, fuelling rumours of a collaboration between Ion Storm Entertainment and the studio charged with the immeasurable task of restoring order and prosperity back into the Tomb Raider franchise.

Warren Spector has been creating games underscored by silence and shadows for almost 10 years, culminating in the best selling Thief trilogy, System Shock and more recent Deus EX - the first to be created under the aegis of Ion Storm Entertainment. Eidos has neither confirmed nor denied the possible involvement of Spector, tapped as the Tim Burton of video games because of his unique vision and enigmatic approach.

Eidos transferred development of the Tomb Raider franchise to its Crystal Dynamics studio in 2003 in a move the company said would enhance the value and maximise the commercial opportunity of one of its key franchises. The Californian-based studio has already acquired several feathers in its cap and strengthened its position within the game development industry with the critically acclaimed Soul Reaver series, now in its third incarnation.

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