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[ February 24th 2004 ]

Ideaworks3D, a leading provider of advanced mobile gaming technology and content, today debuted the results of a technical collaboration with ARM, the industry's leading provider of 16/32-bit embedded RISC processor solutions, that will demonstrate the potential for high performance 3D gaming on future ARM Powered(r) mobile devices. Ideaworks3D also announced that the company's Segundo3D(tm) 3.0 mobile 3D graphics technology, which has consistently delivered the highest 3D rendering performance in the industry on ARM Powered mobile devices like Nokia's Series 60 based smartphones and the Sony Ericsson P800 and P900, is now optimized to take full advantage of the ARM MBX 3D graphics acceleration technology, enabling a new wave of ultra high quality, blockbuster 3D mobile games to the next generation of mobile phones and handheld consoles. The demonstration, which is showcased by ARM (Hall 4, Stand K16B) at the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes February 23-26th, highlights the dramatic step change in 3D graphics performance that game developers and publishers can look forward to as mobile devices incorporating the ARM MBX technology comes to market.

"We are delighted that ARM has chosen to collaborate with Ideaworks3D to create the first ever demonstration of a full 3D console game on its exceptionally high performance and power efficient MBX mobile 3D architecture," said Adrian Sack, CEO, Ideaworks3D. "The optimization of our Segundo3D technology for ARM MBX technology represents the industry's premier solution for the rapid porting of console quality 3D games to the coming generation of graphics accelerated mobile devices." Ideaworks3D's software engineers, acknowledged leaders in the field of mobile 3D software rendering, were impressed by the ease with which they were able to achieve a dramatic boost in graphics performance during their optimization project on the ARM RealView(r) Versatile Platform Baseboard, incorporating the ARM926EJ-S(tm) microprocessor with an MBX graphics accelerator.

As a test case for the project, Ideaworks3D ported a well-known 3D console game to the platform in just two weeks using Segundo3D 3.0 and immediately achieved a 130% increase in frame rate when utilizing the ARM MBX technology. The finally optimized game demonstration features a scene polygon count increase of around 60% without incurring any significant drop in the initially improved rendering speed. With the ARM MBX technology, advanced 3D graphics features, previously only seen on PC and game console systems, such as perspective correct texturing, alpha blending, full scene anti-aliasing, vertex fogging and tri-linear filtering, were quickly incorporated with minimal effort.

"ARM MBX 3D graphics hardware acceleration technology and Ideaworks3D Segundo3D software technology prove that console quality games can be delivered on mobile devices like smartphones" said Oliver Gunasekara, Global Director of Wireless, ARM. "The next generation of smartphones chipsets incorporating ARM11(tm) family cores and MBX technology is just appearing and is likely to be the standard on which advanced mobile gaming is delivered." Segundo3D has become the smartphone software technology of choice for many leading games publishers, bringing to market more of the world's top gaming brands than any other mobile 3D technology, including blockbuster titles like The Sims(tm) (Electronic Arts), Tomb Raider starring Lara Croft(tm) (Eidos), Tony Hawk's Pro Skater(tm) (Activision) & Atari's V-Rally(tm) (iFone).

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