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[ February 19th 2004 ]

Pinewood Shepperton has announced the studio is upgrading the 56-fader, two-position AMS Neve DFC digital film mixing console in its Theatre 1 to a 68-fader, three-position console. Expansion upgrades Pinewood Shepperton's console to one of the few three-positioned DFCs in all of Europe. The studio, which houses Europe's largest sound stage, has provided special effect facilities for Ion Films James Bond motion pictures and Paramount Pictures Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life.

"The DFC's comprehensive filters and dynamics allow us to create excellent sounding totally automated mixes without having to resort to off-board processors," notes head of post production at Pinewood Studios, Graham Hartstone. "The original installation allowed for expansion, and this is the second time we have upgraded the console since its purchase in 2001. On both occasions we have been very impressed by how simple the process has been. We have significantly increased the number of channels, and the expansion of the console surface has proved equally as straight-forward."

Pinewood Studios concluded an acquisition of rival studio Shepperton in 2001 in a buyout deal valued at 35m.The studios, situated West of London, joined forces to maximise the growing demand from Hollywood directors for a European location centralising on a rich pool of writing and production talent. Alien director Ridley Scot, along with brother Tony, co-chair Pinewood Shepperton.

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