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[ February 18th 2004 ]

Core Design has hit back at former co-founders Jeremy and Adrian Heath-Smith over claims the company was floundering with only a handful of remaining staff trying to prop up future projects. Acting general manager of Core, Andy Norman, told consumer magazine Computer & Video Games Core was still very much part of Eidos' long term plans following comments made by Heath Smith that 37 of 36 former employees abandoned ship to join CiRCLE Studio, the new development company helmed by Jeremy and Adrian Heath-Smith.

"I'm always slightly concerned about replying to a quote in the press. My instinct is to let our product do the talking. However, I think it's important in this case to recognise the work put in by the extremely talented, enthusiastic and dedicated people now at Core Design. It is to give appropriate credit to these teams and individuals that I'm happy to put the record straight. There are now 47 people at Core Design, including the two people who just joined us from Circle Studio. We are split into four teams, in-line with new thinking on how to structure a modern developer.

"The cutting edge project management process, designed by Core as a whole, sits sympathetically with this organisation, and means that time, cost, and quality all have their champions and are therefore given equal weight in making development decisions. New Core Design is generating multiple concept IP each month (some of this for other members of the Eidos group), and currently has a three year strategy which includes three original concepts now in pre-production and one in full production. Our 47 people will soon not be enough to cover all of these exciting projects."

"I should also mention that Core is now firmly part of the Eidos team, and works closely with marketing and all other publisher stakeholders to ensure that we are developing games that people will want to play. It's been my pleasure to be acting general manager of Core Design pretty much since the split with previous management took place. A full time appointment will be announced in due course."

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