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[ February 17th 2004 ]

New videogame development outfit Circle Studio, founded by Jeremy Heath-Smith and his brother Adrian, announces the use of Criterion Software’s RenderWare technology for the development of two games headed for the current generation of consoles, PS2 and Xbox. It has chosen RenderWare in order to optimize the team’s efficiency in the delivery of the new titles and enable them to focus on the creative elements within the games that will differentiate them within the market.

Using their own bespoke tools in conjunction with RenderWare, Circle will work closely with the renowned RenderWare technical and support teams to ensure a streamlined development process. Managing Director Jeremy Heath-Smith comments, "The industry is not about technology any more - it’s about creativity. Our philosophy as a developer is to concentrate on creativity, gameplay and content - the elements that truly add value to individual titles and ultimately the industry as a whole as higher quality games are delivered to market."

He continues, "In order to achieve this we cannot afford to continually chase technology and reinvent the wheel for every game or format we work on. Outsourcing technology to Criterion, who have spent hundreds of man-years of R&D on generating the very best core technology, means we immediately have a robust framework in place on which we can engineer our own technologies specifically designed to drive the uniqueness and originality of our titles."

David Lau-Kee, CEO, Criterion adds, "Building technologies in-house as a point of pride is no longer commercially sensible today, and nor will it be viable as we move towards the next generation. Generating unique content, delivering groundbreaking creative concepts and gameplay, and building valuable IP are the elements that are ultimately going to drive a company’s value proposition. We are delighted to be supporting Circle on their current projects."

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