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[ December 2nd 2000 ]

Tomb Raider Chronicles, the fifth instalment of the incredibly successful Lara Croft adventure series, finally went on sale two weeks ago following an electric two month teasing period, and has received mixed reviews from the major online gaming sites.

The general trend seems to be geared towards the suggestion that Eidos has squandered what began as an imaginative and interesting series. Gamespots latest Chronicles review, although recognising CORE and Eidos both as prolific developers for even reaching an incredible fifth Tomb Raider milestone, suggests that their latest Lara Croft title offers little in the way of innovation, making it seem like "just another trip to the cash cow."

The main problem is that the Tomb Raider series hasn't grown with the times. The artificial difficulty on some levels (such as giving you no weapons and yet still populating the area with enemies) is just frustrating, and ideas from other action games haven't been implemented as well as they could have been.

For those gingerly stepping blindly into the Tomb Raider world of Lara Croft, the article also recaps on the schematics and mechanics of Lara's latest Chronicles outing, and provides a clear and concise dialog of how she came to be presented with her current predicament. The Gamespot review is a well oiled and fairly argued insight, even if it is unfavourable, into the final chapter and current direction of the Tomb Raider genre. Gamespot's review here

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