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[ December 1st 2000 ]

PC Gamer, the computer and games monthly entertainment magazine, featured this small Next Generation teaser in Novembers issue.

No surprise that Core is prepping a whole new series of Lara Croft adventures, but what is intriguing is the gameplay style and delivery planned for the new wave. We understand that starting in late 2001, Lara will undertake a five-year mission on the next generation console systems (and the PC). That's five actual years, with all the game components supplied in an episodic format.

A Hollywood scriptwriter has undertaken the gargantuan task of plotting Lara's story course over this time period, factoring in the possibility of releasing tangential episodes along the way that reveal new characters, and follow different paths. It's believed that Lara will adopt a much more edgy tone, with the story being influenced by movies such as The Exorcist and Omen. The squeaky clean image that limited certain gameplay options should be removed, allowing the freedom for Lara to have a much more interesting personality, and get herself into more complex situations.

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