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[ December 1st 2000 ]

There's been a lot of teasing coming from the Paramount camp on when we're likely to see a first celluloid glimpse of computer game heroine Lara Croft, and this report from Cinema Confidential adds more speculation about a possible Christmas movie trailer attachment.

The teaser trailer was very short. At first, it shows all of these historical looking sites and antiques, and the it says something like "The face of terrifying evil beyond the grave is not a being , its ancient." Then it shows a scene with Lara in some kind of desert with and the wind is blowing really fast and the look on her face is somewhat angry. Then the camera goes up to the stars were all of these symbols fly in the zoom by as it spells Tomb Raider.

Then Lara Croft appears at the top. If you thought the first Charlie's Angels Teaser was a disappointment. Wait until you see this one.

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