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[ January 21st 2004 ]

With the release of Greg Land's beautiful cover art showcased on Tomb Raider #40, Dynamic Forces President Nick Barrucci decided to take the piece one step further by creating a DF Exclusive Edition of the book. "The art came in to us with no logo or other cover additions," explained Barrucci. "Seeing it pure, we decided to truly showcase the amazing work Greg did, and we asked Top Cow to work with us to release it as a virgin comic book cover. I personally think itís one of the best images of Tomb Raider ever, and Lara Croft has been worked on by some of the best in the business."

The DF Exclusive Edition of Tomb Raider #40 is currently available for pre-order from specialty shops across the country, or direct from the DF website - www.dynamicforces.com

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