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[ January 18th 2004 ]

Following an arduous mosquito-ridden expedition deep into the mysterious resonating heart of ancient Egypt, Tomb Raider Chronicles has uncovered a series of officially commissioned HQ Tomb Raider legacy wallpapers for the PC and MAC from deep within the dusty walls of the Tomb of Putin Baboon. Following the successful excavation of said artefacts, our team of hardened explorers expedited a hasty retreat back to London, England and painstakingly attached the treasures to the mighty Tomb Raider Chronicles, diligent advocates of the Lara Croft phenomenon.

Tomb Raider voyeurs are hereby invited to enter our brand new TRiPLEX [Tomb Raider Image PLEX] and download our priceless recovered artefacts. Word via electronic wire has indicated further discoveries of astronomical magnitude have been uncovered and are presently cargo-bound for London.

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