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[ January 16th 2004 ]

Core Design co-founders Jeremy Heath-Smith and Adrian Heath-Smith have announced the formation of a brand new studio based in Derby called Circle Studio. A further 35 former employees of Core Design have joined Circle Studio and are negotiating two brand new titles for current and next generation platforms.

"Adrian and I are still passionate about games and have the experience and skills in-house to continue producing original and successful titles," said Jeremy Heath-Smith. "We've enjoyed working with Lara these past seven years but are looking forward to creating something or someone new."

Commenting on the new studio, Adrian Heath-Smith said: "It's very exciting to be standing on our own two feet again and we're fortunate to be in a position that allows us to develop our prototypes fully whilst exploring the best route or partnership for publishing."

Circle Studio was incorporated with Companies House as a limited company on 15th August 2003 and can be found online at www.circle-studio.com. We will be comprehensively following future developments with a keen eye and whole-heartedly wish Circle Studio much success with their new venture.

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