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[ December 11th 2003 ]

Take a deep breath and brace yourself as you prepare to enter the Tomb Raider, a labyrinth of terror which opens at Dreamworld on Boxing day, 26 December 2003. Designed by one of the world's masters of scare tactics, this new attraction is a series of dark, winding tombs and tunnels, just crawling with unsavory characters and ancient beasts.

Just like the action adventure films, you'll never know what evil lurks around the corner...every corner! Your skin crawls and your pulse quickens to a dangerous beat. You're quickly surrounded by ancient mummies, the smell of death, decay and worst still, you can't find Lara Croft... Will she find you and rescue you from your doom? Be part of it all at Dreamworld this Christmas only.

Tomb Raider opens at Dreamworld on 26 December 2003 and closes on 23 January 2004.

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