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[ December 2nd 2003 ]

In exuberant style befitting a king, General Chat of Tomb Raider Forums today surpassed 100,000 posts made by the glorious members of the biggest and warmest Tomb Raider community on the web, tipping the total posts to date to well over 214,000. Said Commander in Chief tlr online: "This is a great day for Tomb Raider fans from all age groups and demonstrates the binding of like-minded people the world over."

Tomb Raider Forums went online in June 2000 and quickly established itself as one of the fastest growing and tightest gaming communities on the web, guiding Tomb Raider fans from across the globe through six turbulent Lara Croft adventures and providing a warm social platform where like-minded gamers the world over could meet, greet and converse. Molded by the most amazing members under the benevolent direction of a team of committed moderators, Tomb Raider Forums remains to this day the biggest Lara Croft influenced web community presently online and provides a safe and secure environment for over 10,500 members.

Sporting a diverse collection of talented individuals - from budding graphic artists, authors of fiction to hardened game designers - socialising alongside key figures from Core Design Ltd, Eidos and Paramount Pictures, Tomb Raider Forums is a home for anyone with a friendly disposition and a wanton community spirit, universally binded by an interest in the Tomb Raider videogame series and the Lara Croft phenomenon. For free membership and to join our community, navigate to We look forward to welcoming you abaord.

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