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[ October 25th 2003 ]

Image Comics has announced upcoming paperback adventures starring Lara Croft penned to debut January 2004. Tomb Raider Issue 38, written by James Bonny, pencilled by Wilson Tortosa, inked by Jon Sibal, coloured by Tyson Wengler features 32 pages of action and sees our intrepid heroine scout through rural England bent on solving another murderous spree.

Lara Croft investigates a string of brutal killings throughout England, which all bear the mark of ritualized human sacrifice. The clues lead her to a cult of modern day Druids bent on unlocking the ancient mysteries and power of Stonehenge. Part 1 of a two-part story arc written by James Bonny.

Priced 2.99, Tomb Raider Issue 38 will be available in all good comic book stores January 2004 or online from

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