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[ October 9th 2003 ]

A new windows-based installer for running the original Tomb Raider on Windows 2000/Windows XP has been released by Bokkie from - This utility automatically sets up sound and visual elements for gamers playing the original Tomb Raider on Microsoft Windows XP. Application works with or without GLIDOS, a visual enhancement patch developed by Paul Gardiner, and with VDM Sound, required on some machines to engage sound while playing Tomb Raider.

Head on over to our exclusive Windows XP / Windows 2000 Guide HERE to collect GLIDOS, the Tomb Raider Advanced Installer and VDM Sound or download the Tomb Raider Advanced Installer direct from HERE. Please note, this is an unofficial application and gamers are invited to use at their own risk. We take no responsibility for any damange caused as a result of this application.

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