Copyright 2003

[ August 17th 2003 ]

Motion picture studios are warning the influx of counterfeit DVD (digital versatile discs) containing many of this summers major blockbusters is costing the industry 400m per year in lost revenue and according to the Federation Against Copyright Theft, the problem has accelerated dramatically over the past twelve months with one in three units sold in the UK being fake. Copies of Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life is already on sale prior to the motion picture being released in the UK on 22nd August.

The counterfeit industry runs alongside legitimate retailing and is a virulent product of organised crime. The motion picture industry isn't the only area to be effected by the growing trend. This year, according to manufacturer victims, the most popular items to be counterfeited include merchandise aimed at young children. Industry watchdogs are warning parents that cheap imitations could be dangerous for small children with many toys poorly assembled.

The Barras market came under the spotlight last year when poor quality counterfeit copies of Lara Croft Tomb Raider, Blow and Evolution found their way onto stalls. One stallholder boasted: "We can get you anything that's showing at the pictures. We're just like the Odeon." Police and trading officers have mounted massive raids at the Barras to curb the booming counterfeit trade. One trading standards officer said: "You can tell the copies are counterfeit. The covers are poor photocopies of posters for the film. Wait until it comes out in the pictures because you'll only be lining crooks' pockets."

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