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[ August 16th 2003 ]

Tomb Raider Wired News is our new premier online service charged with continually delivering the latest Tomb Raider content around the clock, and the new official content provider for - With talented correspondents reporting from across the globe, Tomb Raider Wired News is the premier source for extensive up-to-the-minute, accurate Tomb Raider content and the only extensive Tomb Raider News Aggregation service on the web. The infrastructure and mechanics of our new web fascia are complete, and Tomb Raider Wired News - powering our Tomb Raider News Aggregation service - can be directly accessed at

The entire web site is spidered hourly by our robot Gertie who gathers a blueprint of each page, including all news headlines and media rich content, and records the data to a fully searchable database. Use our Tomb Raider News Aggregation service for directions to up-to-the-minute Tomb Raider news headlines on The Cradle Of Life, The Angel Of Darkness and Eidos Interactive, and the latest media additions to our microsites. today delivers content to more than 20,000 gamers each day and provides feeds to over one hundred online media-related information carriers. We are an official press outlet for Core Design and Eidos Interactive and deliver Level Editor content in association with Prima E-Guides. Our content is syndicated across the Moreover Network who provide breaking news and intelligence to over 16 million users via internet portals including Alta Vista and Ask Geeves.

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