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[ July 18th 2003 ]

Angelina Jolie says being a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations has changed her life. "I used to lay there at night and wonder what it was that I needed to do," she tells Cosmopolitan magazine in its August issue. "That's how I stumbled on going to Washington and learning about the U.N. and traveling around the world. It completely changed me."

Jolie, 28, who stars in the upcoming Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, says her 2-year-old son, Maddox, is the most important thing in her life. She adopted Maddox from Cambodia last year as her marriage to Billy Bob Thornton was collapsing. The couple divorced in May. "Before Maddox, when things would go bad, I had a tendency to be depressed or self-destructive or lost, and I can't afford to be any of that now," the Oscar-winning actress tells the magazine. "He has given me strength. I've never known this kind of relationship or love before."

One challenge facing Jolie is figuring out how to tell Maddox about Santa Claus "because I don't want to tell him he exists when he doesn't," she says. "I don't know about the Easter Bunny either. Maybe I'll have to lighten up." Jolie won a supporting-actress Oscar for her role in Girl, Interrupted. Her upcoming films also include Beyond Borders and Sharkslayer.

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