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[ November 26th 2000 ]

Following the release of Tomb Raider Chronicles in PC flavours on Friday 24th November, we received a tip this afternoon about a version.txt file suggesting to it's owner that the CD is in development and should be returned to CORE. Curious, we popped our CD into the tray, searched for "version.txt" and found the following contents in it's file.

"Tomb Raider Chronicles and Lara Croft (c) & TM Core Design Limited 2000. All Rights Reserved. Version 1.0 - 16th October 2000. Registered to Eidos Interactive Germany.10014 To be returned to Core Design Limited This version is early development code and is currently 85% complete."

Now according to a comment made by an Admin at the Eidos Forum, this is either "our imagination" or we are in possession of a "pre-release" copy of Tomb Raider Chronicles. We, however, suspect the files residence on so many UK released CD's to be a genuine mistake, otherwise such a comment could suggest that a beta went gold instead of the full version.

This was later confirmed by a update to the thread reporting that the file was placed on CD's for tracking purposes, adding "It would appear that the U.K. (and possibly other foriegn versions) did not remove that file before mastering the release version. That file does not appear on the U.S. release version of the game."

The inclusion of "foreign versions" might be adddressing a claim that a copy of Chronicles purchased in Asia also containted the same version file. No official comment on the mixup has yet been made.

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