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[ June 11th 2003 ]

Top Cow, the paperback warriors of the Tomb Raider universe, announces the release of a new episode from the best selling Lara Croft comic book series. Tomb Raider #31, which pits our intrepid British heroine against another batch of evil adversaries bent on toppling the diva from her pedestal, is written by John Ney Reiber, penned by Pop Mhan, inked by Jonathan Sibal and colored by Jonathan D. Smith.

"Conquista" - In the jungles of war-scarred Guatemala, Lara uncovers an ancient Mayan artifact - and an ancient people caught in a crossfire between the murderous overlords of the land's blood stained past and her war-scarred present. A generation of conquistadors who've lost all sanity and humanity in subterranean darkness. An army of death squad killers more beast than man. Trapped between the two, the people of the land can expect no future but slavery or death. Until fate deals them a Tomb Raider - the ultimate wildcard!

Tomb Raider #31 is now available from all good comic book stores priced $2.99.

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