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[ June 4th 2003 ]


"As yet no significant arrests have been made for this latest spate of "Monstrum" killings in the capital. Seventeen have been reported so far. A woman was seen leaving the apartment of the latest victim, Professor Werner Von Croy. Describe as Caucasian, brunette, about 1.8m and of slim build, she was wearing jeans, denim jacket and a pony tail. She is dangerous and probably armed. Officers are being advised to use extreme caution when apprehending the subject.

"The press have sensationalized this latest outbreak of killings as "The Monstrum's Dark Renaissance," referring to similar atrocities in the capital over the last decade, and possibly as far back as the 1950s. There are definite links to atrocities in other European cities going back at least fifty years.

"Forensics have made no headway regarding the bizarre metallic eruptions found on the bodies of all victims. At present nothing appears to link any of the individuals involved. There have been significant numbers of casualties within Parisian gangland factions. It would all appear to be the work of a single, highly psychotic perpetrator. The bodies were desecrated and all crime scenes daubed with unintelligible graffiti, indicating some ritualistic fixation. There are no known survivors of these attacks so far.

"The suspect's apprehension should be made top priority...."

...and so begins Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel Of Darkness.

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