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[ May 1st 2003 ]

Core Design has re-launched its website at Core Design. The new site is everything that you'd expect from the makers of Tomb Raider, combining form and function to produce a slick and stylish home to all things Core. The site was designed and programmed in-house and includes not only images, information and downloads on all of Core Design's games - including the much anticipated new adventure Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness - but there are new Tomb Raider skins for both WinAmp and Windows Media players, a Core screensaver and wallpapers, and a fan kit to help Lara devotees build their own fan site.

The fan kit goes live on the 1st of May and will provide everything that Lara lovers need to build their own site of homage, including official graphics, screenshots and sounds. There will be competitions to come up with the best fan sites and fan artwork with exclusive Core merchandise up for grabs. You can even become part of the site by sending them your artwork. The Tomb Raider skin for both WinAmp and Windows Media Players features Lara at her most sultry holding out the logo for the new game. The WinAmp skin has been downloaded 61,000 times from the WinAmp site since the 17th April.

Core design's site receives an average of 15,000 hits every day, and this is expected to get even larger with the improved design and facilities of the new site and in the run up to the release of Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness. The site will be regularly updated by Core Design. Visitors can expect to be kept ahead of the game with all of the latest images and screens, and soon there will even be flash games and Core merchandise available to buy online.

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