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[ February 27th 2003 ]

Dean Georgaris, who wrote Paramount Pictures' upcoming sequel Lara Croft & The Cradle of Life: Tomb Raider 2, is in negotiations to pen the third installment of Mission Impossible - M:I-3 - actioned by Cruise/Wagner Productions. Original screenwriter Robert Towne remains on board. Motion pic is penned to debut summer 2004 and is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

Lara Croft & The Cradle of Life: Tomb Raider 2 is in final throws of filming before post production wield scissor to celluloid and ready the movie for it's July 25th silver screen debut. Former Oscar winner Angelina Jolie joins Red Dwarf star Chris Barrie in the second of three pics based on the video-game of the same name. Tomb Raider has sold 27 mil units and remains the one of the most potent franchises to date.

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