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[ February 21st 2003 ]

Top Cow has announced upcoming paperback adventures starring fearless aristocrat Lara Croft and a host of evil adversaries all bent of toppling Lara from her heroine pedestal.

TOMB RAIDER #30 "Strange Flesh" - Part 2 of 2.

Is the boy held captive in this Vatican prison cell a madman--or a monster? Either way, Lara's got to set Valya free. Without him, she'll never find the fabled Waters of Life and Death--and her lover, Tsang, will be lost to her forever. But even if she can defeat the deadly robotic Secutor that guards Valya's cell, and in the blighted Siberian wilderness survive a parasitic alien's murderous claws, in the end she will face the greatest threat to her survival and her sanity - when she sees what her depraved nemesis Lord Vymes has done to her lover Tsang. Artist Tony Daniel gives us the leanest, meanest, Lara Croft ever to teach a sadistic immortal the true meaning of pain in this special supersized conclusion to 'Strange Flesh'.

Written by John Ney Rieber, penciled by Tony Daniel, inked by Jonathan Sibal, and coloured by Jonathan D. Smith, Tomb Raider #30 will release May 2003 priced $4.99.

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