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[ November 15th 2000 ]

With anticipation for the release of COREs Tomb Raider Chronicles becoming a frenzied speculative exercise between parties throughout the connected world, an email from Gary LaRochelle, according to Tombraiders, suggests a possible U.S retail release date week beginning the 20th November and a European debut week beginning 27th.

No word on the demo as yet, but according to one source from CORE it hasn't been coded yet. The addition of new gaming consoles has increased the workload for programmers who now have three major platform versions to contend with. Indications from the industry suggest that Eidos might roll out the demo days before Chronicles hits the shelves.

Either way, Eidos Interactive looks set to expire any existing top chart position by another game as the Christmas frenzy eagerly awaits the fifth instalment from their phenomenally successful action adventure series.

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