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[ November 14th 2000 ]

Does Lara really reveal all in Chronicles ?... Von Croy should know, because Lara will be revealing all during an encounter with his x-ray machine deep within his High Tech Tower complex, according to Decembers Official UK Playstation Magazine. Nice femur!

PSX Magazine lead a long line of media companies currently profiling Eidos's fifth and final instalment (as we know it) featuring Lara Croft, Tomb Raider Chronicles. A new set of spoilers reveal more of what Lara will face, including several crawling episodes through Von Croy's complex and a submarine adventure.

Along with major environmental and architectural improvements, CORE have implemented the best from it's previous Tomb Raider offerings, including clearer camera passes which will aid Lara with her puzzling quandaries. Click back here for a full preview of the article.

The December issue of UK Official Playstation Magazine is out now, and is worth the read!

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