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[ January 18th 2003 ]

Ms Angelina Jolie, female lead of feature film Tomb Raider 2 currently being shot on location in Hong Kong, has presented a cheque of HK$ 200,000 on behalf of Paramount Pictures and herself to Ms Veronica Li, Chairman of Po Leung Kuk. The cheque presentation ceremony was witnessed by the Acting Commissioner for Television and Entertainment Licensing, Mr P L Po. Paramount Pictures made the donation to a charitable organisation of Hong Kong as a gesture of appreciation to the support and facilitation the HK Government had given on the filming of Tomb Raider 2 in Hong Kong.

The Secretary for Commerce, Industry and Technology, Mr Henry Tang, welcomed their donation. Mr Tang said, "We are glad that the filming has been carried out smoothly. The Film Services Office (FSO) of the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority, together with the Civil Aviation Department, the Police, the Transport Department, the Marine Department, the Lands Department, the Home Affairs Department and the Tourism Commission, have made good efforts to ensure the safe and smooth filming of Tomb Raider 2 in Hong Kong."

"We would like to thank the organisations concerned for their support by making available their premises for filming. We are also grateful for the understanding of those members of the public who may have experienced some inconvenience during filming. This shows that Hong Kong is a friendly city and we welcome parties from all over the world to come here for location shooting," Mr Tang added. "Tomb Raider 2" has a budget of over US$100 million. Around 30% of the location filming is carried out in Hong Kong. Around 70 overseas film talents and crew have flown in for the filming. In addition, around 200 local talents and crew members are employed during the 8-days location filming here.

"Hong Kong benefits a lot from filming activities. As highlighted by the Chief Executive in the Policy Address, creative industries are important elements of a knowledge-based economy. We will continue with our efforts to promoting and facilitating the development of the film industry in Hong Kong," Mr Tang said. Expenses in conducting an 8-day's location filming in Hong Kong is estimated to stand at around US$2 million.

According to an international study, for every $1 spent on film production, $2.5 goes into the economy. The filming of "Tomb Raider 2" in Hong Kong would bring about HK$40 million into the local economy. More importantly, Hong Kong will be showcased to the world when the film is released worldwide and will attract more tourists to this vibrant city.

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