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[ November 13th 2000 ]

Gamespot US. tours the London set of Tomb Raider The Movie, and reports back a visual masterpiece in construction. Although the cast and crew will actually travel to Cambodia for filming in the famous Angkor Wat Temples, technicians have bee busying themselves converting Europe's largest sound stage into an ancient temple set which resembles Angkor. The reports also focuses on the construction of six Land Rover Defenders which will be used through the movie accompanying a custom built Norton / Ducatti high-breed sporting Harley Davidson wheels.

A company just outside of London, which creates stunt vehicles for many films, received the base vehicles from the manufacturers and then, under the direction of Simon West and Kirk Petruccelli, turned them into Lara's muscle machines. What's amazing is how aesthetically pleasing these beasts are. They've got 700 pounds of extra stuff, but they look great. Not only can you drive the Defender through 4 feet of water because it's rigged with an undercarriage air valve that emerges from the hood, but it's also the best looking thing on the road. And yes, the Defender actually has a rocket launcher.

Gamespot also records with clear enthusiasm the magnificence of the set, and the amazement at something so grand as Croft Manor assuming it's temporary residency within Pinewood Studios. The article contains nothing groundbreaking, but is an interesting angle on what looks to be next summers contender for Blockbuster Status.

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