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Copyright 2002 Sky Digital Press Release

[ December 18th 2002 ]

The world's most famous videogame character. Lara Croft makes her interactive TV debut in the UK and Ireland today, following an exclusive agreement between BSkyB and Eidos Interactive, publisher of the Tomb Raider series. Tomb Raider: Apocalypse, Episode 1: The Eye of Osiris has been developed by Minds Eye Productions specifically for Sky Gamestar - Sky digital's TV games portal. It is the first episode in a series, with parts two and three launching throughout 2003. Sky digital viewers take on the role of the all-action heroine Lara Croft as she embarks on a death-defying adventure.

Players must guide Lara through ancient Egyptian temples where she has to recover the mythical Eye of Osiris, which holds the key to immortality. Explore 10 levels of complex catacombs and corridors in search of rare artefacts and hidden exits whilst keeping a watch out for lethal traps and deadly enemies.

Key elements include a 2D platform game - a first for Sky Gamestar - 10 game levels including a specially designed training area, Gamestar functionality enabling players to make Lara run, turn, step, crouch, roll, climb up and down, shoot, and jump! Blue button reveals Lara's inventory and handheld map, red button receives message texts with handy hints and tips, pass-codes enabling gamers to jump straight into a completed level and save crystals allowing players to restart partially completed levels.

Sky Gamestar will follow up with a highscore version of Tomb Raider: Apocalypse, Episode 1: The Eye of Osiris that will feature a huge, specifically designed level that will be compatible with the Sky Gamepad enhanced functionality. Adrian Pilkington, Head of Games at Sky Interactive said: "The Tomb Raider series has enjoyed phenomenal success worldwide and I'm sure it's going to be a great hit on Gamestar. This is an entirely new genre for Sky Gamestar and the first episodic series. Viewers can really experience a true action adventure game, demonstrating the next stage in the evolution of interactive TV games."

Mark Stanger, Commercial Director - New Media at Eidos Interactive adds: "One of the main aims within Eidos' New Media division has been to look at how new technologies can add value to our existing intellectual properties. Our deal with Sky enables us to hit a mass-market audience by taking Tomb Raider into 6 million homes in one hit."

Martin Batten, Managing Director at Minds Eye Productions comments: "Tomb Raider is by far the most challenging project for Sky Gamestar that Minds Eye have developed to date. The result is the first iTV game which creates a large play area, consisting of over 250 locations, with 3D rendered backgrounds and hundreds of frames of animation. Even more exciting is the fact that Tomb Raider is also the first ever episodic interactive TV game which will keep gamers coming back for the next instalment."

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