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[ December 9th 2002 ]

Angelina Jolie - who performed most of her own stunts in the original Tomb Raider movie claiming she had no choice if she wanted to win over the millions of fans who have fallen for Lara Croft - insists on continuing the fashion in Par's sequel The Cradle Of Life. Several sequences require Jolie to ride "real bulls, with horns and everything!" Jolie told reporters recently. "They're being trained up for the film. What you do, apparently, is to get the male bulls to chase after a female. So I'm going to be on some excited bulls looking for their girlfriends.

"I have no fear when it comes to stunts, which is probably very stupid. I do argue about what I think Lara would do in certain situations and sometimes there's a difference of opinion." Jolie continued, referring to a recent bust-up with director Jan de Bont. However, the former Oscar-winner said this time round she would be "slightly more careful" with her action scenes. "I check safety things a little bit more than I used to, now that Maddox is here."

While touring Cambodia last year as ambassador for the United Nations High Commission for Refuges, Jolie and former husband Billy Bob Thornton adopted a baby boy called Maddox. When quizzed on her new role as mother, Jolie said: "It's wonderful. It's just the most amazing thing in the world. He's changed my life. He's really centered me. Anytime I think anything else is important, and I just see his smile ... he's made me be the best person I could possibly be."

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