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[ December 5th 2002 ]

Eidos Interactive, one of the world's leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, announces that Blood Omen 2 - developed by Crystal Dynamics for the Nintendo GameCube - is now available in stores.

Four hundred years have passed since the evil vampire Kain damned the world in the original Blood Omen, choosing to rule the world in damnation rather than die for its salvation. Now Kain, who once controlled the land of Nosgoth with his vampire armies, returns to find his brethren slain and his dark powers stripped by a mysterious figure. To reclaim his rule and exact his vengeance, Kain must uncover the ominous plot that threatens the land he seeks to conquer.

Blood Omen 2, the latest instalment in the Legacy of Kain Series, is a mission-based action game with a focus on combat and stealth. An engrossing story drives the player through huge detailed 3D environments. Kain starts the game with two supernatural abilities: Mist (which shrouds you from your enemies) and Fury (a manic combat attack).

Additional Dark Gifts such as Charm (mind-control) and Super-Jump (enables you to access treacherous new areas), must be acquired from your most dangerous enemies to aid you in your deathly challenges. Kain also has a multitude of weapons at his disposal, each with their own gruesome finishing move. After each brutal attack Kain must draw strength by draining his enemies of their blood.

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