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[ November 27th 2002 ]

Sunglasses, long brown hair, a pony tail, a back pack, guns and good looks. That is non other then Lara Croft. The computer games character that shocked the world of adventure computer gaming back in 1996. It's November 2002 and yes... she's back again to take us where no human being has ever been before or dared to go. Tomb Raider's adventure number one on the pocket computer Gameboy Advanced is taking us to a full 3 dimensional world full of danger, traps, fires and enemy's.

"According to ancient prophecy, the earth is to be destroyed at the begin of the new millennium. This adventure takes Lara into a world filled with Magic, the 'black stone' and 'The Book of EzekiŽl'. This mysterious book, written by a dark ages prophet, hides a legend. And as Lara begins to uncover the puzzle of this book, she's been drawn into the dark depths of this legend."

The new game on the Gameboy advanced shows the power of this little wonder made by Nintendo. Great images and fantastic sound effects are making this adventure of Lara Croft once again something truly special for adventure fans all over. "Even the wolfs, when you shoot them, really howl it out... not just some silly beeping sounds, no really dog howls." says Chantal Slagmolen, legendary Tomb Raider fan and Lara Croft look-a-like.

The automatic help, that has been build into the game, shows at the right time what route best is to follow. "I hate to say this, but even when Lara misses a jump and falls into the deep - I was surprised at the high details of graphics." Says Niels Berndsen Tomb Raider fan in heart and soul.

All in all it's a great wonder how the programmers of Core Design are able to put such high detailed graphics and animation in such a small cassette. Though tip for all fans who are playing this game, or going to by it - keep a pen and paper handy. The codes you receive after each level has been cleared, are not automatically saved into the game. Once switched off and restarted again, you need to type in the code in order to continue where you ones left the game. Lara's back in action, alive and kickingÖ kicking some bad guy but that is. Returned from an Egyptian temple, where our femme fatale was captured in, she's once again ready to take it to the limits, and beyond...

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