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[ November 13th 2002 ]

Top Cow, the official Tomb Raider comic-book franchise publisher, has announced two new additions featuring British aristocrat Lara Croft and another host of evil adversaries bent on toppling the buxom gunslinger from her archeological pedestal.

Tomb Raider Journeys 8

Lara's about to discover the hard way to the Underworld in Issue #8. She meets up with a secret Maori tribe in New Zealand and convinces them to allow her passage to the underworld in pursuit of the thief of the Dream Spear. There's only one problem ... and that is with the passage of time in the Maori world ... Lara finds it hard to account for any chronology as visions, battles and strange rituals pour past like rapids in a raging river. Will Lara Croft be able to master the dream time and chase the thief of the Dream Spear? Cover by Dave Finch and Art Thibert!

Written by Fiona Avery, penned by Manny Clark, inked by Marlo Alquiza and colored by Tyson Wengler, Tomb Raider Journeys 8 packs 32 pages and is priced $2.99

Tomb Raider: The Greatest Treasure of All

The wait is almost over for one of the most ambitious painted projects in all of comics! But, you can get a small taste of what's to come in this great Prelude Edition comic of the Greatest Treasure of All!! Featuring a fully scripted portion of the complete story, this amazing issue is sure to leave you clamoring for more!! Limited quantities are available, allocations may occur.

Written by Dan Jurgens, Tomb Raider: The Greatest Treasure of All packs 16 pages and is priced $4.99.

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