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[ November 13th 2002 ]

There was a time, several years ago, back when TR Fandom was still in its infancy, that "Lara Croft's Tales of Beauty and Power" had been the foremost source of fan-written TR stories on the Internet. Bowen H. Greenwood, former webmaster and a TR author himself, did an excellent job with running the site, and 'Tales,' (or TOBAP as it has come to be abbreviated), became recognised across the Internet for the quality of stories that it hosted.

Then the 'Adventure Center' concept was introduced. A brilliant idea, which made it possible for non-TR pieces to be posted on 'Tales,' it was the direct result of the combined efforts of four old hats in the TR fanfic game: Jay Abney, Darth Vader, Sarah Crisman, and Bowen, the webmaster himself. The site was thriving, new submissions were still arriving on the scene…and then disaster struck. The Croft Times Network, host to some of the greatest TR sites around, went down, and sadly, it has never returned.

Most of the hosted sites disappeared into the dark ether of the Web, their webmasters uncertain as to where or when the Network would return, and at a loss for what to do after such a blow and untold megabytes of loss of work and time. Shortly after this, I was handed control of the site by Bowen, who had decided to become a professional author and who quietly disappeared from the TR scene to write his novels. I was sure that the site would go live again, one day... It was only a question of when that would happen.

Well, after a complete re-design, and nearly two years of being off-line, we're back. TOBAP currently hosts nearly 90 TR stories, as well as story reviews, author notes, interviews with the writers, and the Adventure Center. This brings the total amount of downloadable content to just over 120 items, so stop by, read a few stories, and maybe even submit one yourself. Hope I see ya soon!



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