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[ October 25th 2002 ]

Eidos Interactive, one of the world's leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, announces that Championship Manager 4, the latest instalment in the record-breaking series of football management computer games, will be released in February 2003 on PC CD. The game is currently being developed by Sports Interactive.

"Sports Interactive are delighted to announce information regarding our forthcoming game, Championship Manager 4, and end some of the speculation of what's going to be in it. We're very excited with what will be our best game yet, with loads of features that the fans of the series have been crying out for being added, and lots of old favourites in there as well," says Miles Jacobson, managing director of Sports Interactive. "Championship Manager 4 will be the closest anyone has ever got to replicating the job of a football manager, a job that every football fan out there would love to do."

Championship Manager 4 is the next generation of football management games, offering more players, leagues and competitions than any other title. For the first time ever in the series, Championship Manager 4 features a real-time 2D match engine enabling you to make tactical decisions as the action unfolds. Watch the whole ninety minutes in real time or choose to view crucial match highlights.

In addition, this version introduces a whole host of new management options and features to offer an unparalleled level of detail. Championship Manager 4 provides the option to fully customise the training of your team, enabling managers to assign specific schedules. Other new additions include an enhanced contract negotiation system, a more efficient, easier to use network game option and totally skinable interface. Developed in close association with former Republic of Ireland and Liverpool star Ray Houghton to guarantee ultimate realism, Championship Manager 4 is the greatest leap the series has ever taken!

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