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[ November 11th 2000 ]

Tomb Raider Chronicles reveals four newly discovered, and previously untold adventures, taking you on a journey from the ruins of Rome, to the bowels of a German U-boat, to the rooftops of a hi-tech city in a search of four ancient artifacts. In light of Lara's recent disappearance, those closest to her gather together at the Croft Estate on a gray, rainy day for a memorial service in her honor. Afterwards, the friends sit quietly together in the study of the Croft Mansion and provide new insights about Lara's past exploits; exploits that have until now remained a secret.

Lara's New Moves:

Sneaking technique: A new "sneaking technique" will enable Lara to keep yet closer to the ground. She will now be able to creep up on her enemies without them noticing.

Parallel Bars: Lara will be able to use parallel bars to bypass traps or reach areas.

Search for goodies: Instead of seeing Medi-packs and other items lying on the floor, you will have to actually search - i.e. open cupboards and such like - for them. Lara will be searching in cupboards and filing cabinets, she'll be able to pull stuff out of them. She'll have to open doors, look through them and find things. She'll also be able to climb high shelves and search each level of them for items.

Inventory: There's far more combining of items, collecting of items, looking at and investigating items and seeing how they can be put together and used. An example: getting some chloroform, retrieving a cloth, putting the chloroform on the cloth and she knocks them out rather than shooting them.

Automatic search mode: Automatic search mode is added for easier scanning of an area; finds will be shown by an animated sequence. The Vehicles and Weapons: Lara will have a few new vehicles to use this time including a motorcycle and a deep sea diving suit. New weapons include a Sniper Rifle and a grappling hook.

The Beginning:

The scene begins with the funeral of our heroine Miss Lara Croft, feared consumed in the Temple Of Horus at the end of The Last Revelation (aka Tomb Raider 4). As Wilson and several other guests begin to reminisce of adventures entertaining Lara to the covenants of the globe, the story cuts to Rome, where, as Wilson narrates a particular favourite adventure, Lara assumes her role and the game begins.....

New Locations & Outfits:

Rome, Italy: Timeline - Before Tomb Raider and Unfinished Business. The level (which includes training) begins in Rome's Opera House where Lara, in evening gown, is here to meet Larson and Pierre and buy the Stone from them. A double-cross ensues and the chase takes to the narrow streets of Italy's capital. Rome features architecture highly reminiscent of the Venice scenes from the second Tomb Raider game, with rows of Mediterranean two-story buildings. Rome includes the training level, and Lara will wear her jungle outfit. This level is classic Tomb Raiding with running, jumping and searching for goodies!

Top: Green, full length, sleeveless vest with a scoop neck, made of cotton and lycra to keep her cool in tense situations.

Shorts: Brown canvas, always rolled to the top of her thighs so as not to restrict movement when she needs to move fast.

Belt & Holsters: Both made of black leather, the belt is clasped with a large brass buckle. The holsters are secured with the garters to stop them flapping about when performing dextrous feats of agility.

Boots and Socks: Hard-wearing leather boots with rubber soles for good grip, with warm cotton socks rolled at the top.

Murmansk, Russia (German submarine): Timeline: Occurs after Tomb Raider 3

Talk turns toward a picture of a German WW2 U-Boat close to the fireplace. Jean-Yves reveals that the ship was carrying the mythical Spear of Destiny (the Spear that was said to have pierced Jesus' side and is alleged to have magical powers) back to Germany but, due to a mysterious explosion, never made it. Flashback to Jean-Yves and Lara (in arctic style camouflage costume )heading out to Murmansk to find the Spear. The U-boat has a 'X-files' feel, filled with action. This level is a Russian submarine base where Lara must enter the dock yards and submarine air ducts on the military base. Lara will need to be stealthy, sneaking around. the level features new weapons and will be an action level. In the Russian submarine level, you dive down in a deep-sea suit to gain access to the submarine. In one of the levels of Tomb Raider Chronicles, Lara has to infiltrate a high rise Tower to retrieve an item. The item is the IRIS and the Tower is the headquarters of Von Croy Industries.

Hat: Black, thick woolen hat to aid our heroine's disappearing act into the shadows.

Top and Trousers: Made of tough-wearing cotton (canvas), camouflaged in such a way to blend into the dull, miserable environment of the Russian coast, enabling her to move swiftly but to be able to stop and blend in at a moments notice.

Belt: (Not Shown) White leather, to match the suit, with a small buckle which will reflect little light, which could give away her position.

Boots: Black leather, with grey laces. Rubber soles again to help keep her footfalls quiet.

Ireland (island): The Black Islee: Timeline - Following training in The Last Revelation.

Lightning strikes and the candles go out. It's a hellish night, and one that reminds Winston of the time he spent out at Conussie - the Butler's old Irish home. The teenage Lara once stayed there with Winston and Father Dunstan and saw some strange apparitions on one of the islands. The two Irishmen don't explain what these apparitions are, but the young heroine sneaks away on a boat to investigate. This outdoor level is played without any firearms, and young Lara, in her pigtails, must rely on puzzle solving and her wits to survive. Father Dunstan and Winston, the butler (aka Jeeves) will be there for Lara. The Irish levels depend on the use of cunning and guile rather than weaponry to deal with their many puzzles and traps and baddies. Lara will fight ghosts and goblins. Without any guns, Lara will need find ways to trap these supernatural foes. The whole level is played with young Lara.

Top: Sleeveless, cropped vest of cotton below a canvas bodywarmer, to keep her just a little bit warmer when she goes wandering off.

Shorts: Hard-wearing canvas, again rolled to the thigh, a fashion statement which moved with her into adulthood.

Boots: Sturdy leather with rubber soles, another necessity she learnt young and never forgot.

Tower Block: Timeline: After Tomb Raider I, Unfinished Business and Tomb Raider 2.

We rejoin Winston, Jean-Yves and Dunstan in a secret area of Lara's Trophy Room. Winston pulls up a dusty sheet and finds the Iris. As the light from this jewel illuminates the room, we flashback to a Tower Block, the Von Croy Industries logo shining out in the dark. Cut to Lara, dressed in a Cat Suit, who must use all her stealth skills to infiltrate the building, dodge laser trip wires and claim the mysterious prize. This is a high-tech level. Lara will have a new companion named Zip, who helps Lara infiltrate a high-security building radioing her information about the building's traps and changing tactical situation (to help make the puzzles a bit easier.) Zip is there to guide her, give her information and help her through the levels and again it draws on using elements of stealth and the new AI. There are quite a lot of areas where she can't take guns because of X-ray machines and stuff, so Lara will be able to sneak around behind people more easily and knock them out, as opposed to running in all guns blazing. This level will require stealth and cunning (aka Area 51) to sneak past guards. Von Croy Industries?, Von Croy is sure to be somewhere.

Suit: All in one bodysuit of tight-fitting leather, reflecting the tiniest amount of light so she can slip into the shadows with ease. Zips up the back with a flap sealed with velcro, to stop the zip glinting.

Boots: Black, hard rubber, the quietist boots money can buy, which is lucky, coz those guards have exceptionally good hearing!

Platforms: Tomb Raider Chronicles, the fifth instalment from Eidos Interactive, will feature on the Playstation, DreamCast and PC. Included in the PC version is a level editor, for designing new worlds and malipulating existing maps.

Release: November 17th...apparently.

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