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[ September 25th 2002 ]

UK visual effects studio Framestore CFC's success at the 54th Annual Emmy awards proved this weekend that the UK special effects industry continues to lead the world. Framestore CFC created more than 1,800 digital effects for 'Dinotopia' which won the Emmy for 'Outstanding Special Visual Effects'. The six hour mini-series shown on Sky in the UK was three years in the making for the US producers Hallmark and ABC Television.

The UK f/x studio also struck gold for its work on the BBC animated programme 'Walking With Beasts' which won the Emmy for 'Outstanding Animated Programme'. 2002 is not the first year that the company has taken more than one of the US television's industry's top awards having won Emmys for the last seven successive years.

British Film Commissioner Steve Norris, commented: "Framestore CFC is a world leader in visual effects and is one of a number of major companies working out of the UK on internationally financed productions. London is proving itself more than equal to the other world centre for this type of work California and the UK is a hotbed of creativity."

Other major productions for which UK studios are currently creating visual effects include the new James Bond film 'Die Another Day', 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets' and 'Lara Croft: Tomb Raider 2'. In addition, the UK will now see production of its first major 3-D animated film to be produced by Vanguard Films and producer John Williams for the Walt Disney Company.

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