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[ September 25th 2002 ]

Eidos Interactive and Sports Interactive announce that the latest installment of the best-selling football management simulation Championship Manager is to appear exclusively on the Xbox video game system from Microsoft. Championship Manager: Season 02/03 is currently being developed by Sports Interactive and will release this Christmas.

The Championship Manager Season: 02/03 update will provide fans of the original Xbox version with all the latest information available for the new season. All new additions include the latest player and team data, additional leagues and the all new transfer system will be in place.

"We're delighted to be bringing an exclusive version of Championship manager to the Xbox in time for Xmas stockings, and, as well as fully updated data and the new transfer windows, we hope to have a few surprises in there as well." said Miles Jacobson MD of Sports Interactive "The success of the last game has proved to us that the Xbox is a console well worth our backing, and we look forward to bringing football management games to the Xbox on a regular basis."

"Championship Manager is a legend, and we're pleased that Season 02/03 is coming home exclusively to Xbox this season," said Sandy Duncan, VP Xbox, Europe. "Our great portfolio is really enhanced by this engrossing title, and we think Championship Manager Season 02/03 on Xbox will be on lots of Christmas lists this year."

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