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[ September 6th 2002 ]

Glamour model Nell McAndrew may have been Lara Croft but she has not been able to escape the judgment of the public. It was curtains for the Tomb Raider girl when she became the fifth person to be evicted from ITV1's celebrity survivor. In true style, the biscuit-loving blonde said nothing controversial on her exit. "I have had a really nice time and I have really enjoyed being with you all," she declared. Her only grumbles were that she thought the fortnight in the Aussie jungle would be more physically demanding.

She also found society girl Tara Palmer-Tomkinson's need for attention tiresome. "At the beginning everyone was shouting over each other and I just let them get on with that," she said. "I suppose a lot of it was boredom." Meanwhile, Tara was once again the most entertaining celebrity survivor. She revealed the pain of her drugs rehabilitation to Christine Hamilton. Tara, who had been addicted to alcohol and cocaine, said: "I overdosed and I did need serious help to get my heart going again. "I still have terrible nightmares, I have 'using' dreams and I get coke psychosis... and my short-term memory has gone."

DJ Tony Blackburn has emerged as the favourite to win I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! The veteran entertainer has impressed the public with his honesty and level-headedness. He has become known as the Log Man, having collected three types of wood for the campfire. He admitted he would like to stay as long as possible and would love to win the contest. Viewers saw him dress up as a woman in the latest task for contestants.

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