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[ August 19th 2002 ]

Online movie rumour mill Dark Horizons reports on scenes from Paramount Pictures Tomb Raider movie sequel that will shoot on the sun-drenched Aegean Sea island of Santorini later this month. During a lavish Greek wedding, the infamous volcano of Santorini, dormant for 10,000 years, spectacularly erupts and triggers a series of earthquakes which in turn spawn the rise of a ancient underwater ruin from the bottom of the sea.

Filming is scheduled to begin Aug 26-31 at the northern-most point of the island in the small costal town of Ia. Producers will also tout for 100 extras to star alongside Jolie as she records a series of underwater sequences depicting the discovery of a submerged temple containing an inventory of Alexander The Greats' prized possessions.

Tomb Raider II, tentatively named The Cradle Of Life [working title], will also shoot on location in China and Africa with Speed director Jan de Bont helming the Lara Croft franchise vehicle. Former Oscar winner Angelina Jolie returns as buxom British gunslinger Lara Croft sent on a perilous mission to rescue the world from the exploits of an evil Chinese crime syndicate led by oriental crime lord Chen Lo.

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