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[ August 3rd 2002 ]

Lara Croft has a partner in crime who joins the British aristocrat in her latest adventure The Angel Of Darkness. His name is Kurtis Trent, and he will become Core Design's debut for a second playable character in a Tomb Raider adventure. The last remaining adept of an ancient and mystical order called the Lux Lertatis, Kurtis Trent will marry muscle and brawn with Lara's buoyant twin-pistolled approach to dispensing anything or anyone that stands in their way. Kurtis Trent will also carry his own trademark weapon - The Glaive, a razor sharp frisbee that can be thrown at enemies or maneuvered in flight by telekinetic powers. If this dual-character inclusion proves successful, Core Design will entertain the idea of releasing a spin-off videogame series starring Trent.

Their paths will first meet when Lara executes the theft of one of five Obscura paintings from the famous Musée du Louvre in Paris; however Trent's character won't become playable until the duo travel to Prague, Eastern Europe for a showdown at the eerie Strahov Complex. Although Core Design hasn't sown an inseparable bond into the game play broth, the pair will both advance their adventures together in search of a mutually beneficial resolution. Trent is bent on revenge after Eckhardt and his army of mutants wiped out his family and members of his Lux Vertatis order. Lara will seek to prove her innocence after being framed for a series of gruesome murders. Both want Eckhardt horizontal and breathless.

Core Design boss Adrian Smith has big plans for his new epic scale adventure: "Our vision is to take the player somewhere dark, a place they might not necessarily wish to go, but a place they will have to venture if they are to bring Lara back. Lara will have some tough moral choices to make. It's no longer a clear-cut case of good versus evil - this is a more complex tale, which will ask more complex questions of the player. It will be a new experience for people who have played Tomb Raider in the past."

The Angel Of Darkness has been billed to make its commercial debut November 2002, although we suspect a December launch is more likely. Core Design haven't unequivocally ruled out future support for Microsoft Corps XBOX games console, but initially the game will be released for the Sony Playstation 2 and PC platforms.

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