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[ July 29th 2002 ]

Paramount pictures Tomb Raider sequel is now underway at Pinewood Studios, London, with Angelina Jolie on board as British aristocrat Lara Croft, and according to Harry Knowles of Aint It Cool News, some details have emerged documenting underwater sequences currently being filmed off the coast of Greece. While venting the world of evil Crime syndicate boss Chen Lo, Lara Croft will stumble across an inventory of Alexander The Greats' prized possessions secretly tucked away in shark-infested waters.

Donning a underwater rebreather for her and her pals - aesthetically customised for the movie - one scene will include the discovery of an underwater temple. In true Lara Croft fashion, it won't be long before Lo's evil Bellog type adversaries are on her case, and assisting Lara in her ruthless underwater battle scenes are none other than 10-foot sharks. She'll then be plucked from the waters by a military submarine before being whisked off to further her adventures.

Tomb Raider II, tentatively named The Cradle Of Life [working title], will also shoot on location in China and Africa with Speed director Jan de Bont helming the Lara Croft franchise vehicle. The movie is expected to make its commercial debut Summer 2003 armed with an arsenal of commercial tie-ins and corporate sponsors.

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