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[ November 1st 2000 ]

Here's some of the outfits you can expect to see in Tomb Raider Chronicles...

BACKSTREETS OF ROME The first mission you help her through in Chronicles involves a mad chase through Rome when a valuable artefact is stolen from her. Fortunately, she has time to change out of her Opera Dress and into her normal attire: Top: Green, full length, sleeveless vest with a scoop neck, made of cotton and lycra to keep her cool in tense situations. Shorts: Brown canvas, always rolled to the top of her thighs so as not to restrict movement when she needs to move fast. Belt & Holsters: Both made of black leather, the belt is clasped with a large brass buckle. The holsters are secured with the garters to stop them flapping about when performing dextrous feats of agility. Boots and Socks: Hard-wearing leather boots with rubber soles for good grip, with warm cotton socks rolled at the top.

THE SUBMARINE: The second mission will take you to the cold wastes of Russia, to recover a powerful artefact thought long lost. Using stealth and cunning, Lara must infiltrate a submarine base... Hat: Black, thick woolen hat to aid our heroine's disappearing act into the shadows. Top and Trousers: Made of tough-wearing cotton (canvas), camouflaged in such a way to blend into the dull, miserable environment of the Russian coast, enabling her to move swiftly but to be able to stop and blend in at a moments notice. Belt: (Not Shown) White leather, to match the suit, with a small buckle which will reflect little light, which could give away her position. Boots: Black leather, with grey laces. Rubber soles again to help keep her footfalls quiet.

SPOOKY ISLAND: The third recollection will be of an early adventure for the intrepid explorer, when a young Lara just cannot resist visiting a Haunted Island. Top: Sleeveless, cropped vest of cotton below a canvas bodywarmer, to keep her just a little bit warmer when she goes wandering off. Shorts: Hard-wearing canvas, again rolled to the thigh, a fashion statement which moved with her into adulthood. Boots: Sturdy leather with rubber soles, another necessity she learnt young and never forgot.

TOWERBLOCK: The final mission takes Lara to the hi-tech offices of an old adversary, full of deadly guards and survaillance equipment. Suit: All in one bodysuit of tight-fitting leather, reflecting the tiniest amount of light so she can slip into the shadows with ease. Zips up the back with a flap sealed with velcro, to stop the zip glinting. Boots: Black, hard rubber, the quietist boots money can buy, which is lucky, coz those guards have exceptionally good hearing!

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